Alliance Française de Stellenbosch

French For Business

Take your business to the next level with French business classes! Whether you’re a entrepreneur, executive, or professional, learning French can open doors to new markets, cultures, and opportunities. Group or individual classes offer a tailored approach to learning the language of international business, diplomacy, and cuisine.

Expand your reach in:

  • International trade and commerce
  • Global marketing and branding
  • Diplomacy and international relations
  • Culinary and hospitality industries
  • African and European markets

Immerse yourself in the language and culture of France, Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland, and beyond. Develop a competitive edge, foster meaningful connections, and navigate the global marketplace with confidence. Bon courage!

Ready to expand your business horizons? Contact us today to discuss your French language training needs and receive a personalized quote based on your group size. We offer flexible and tailored solutions to suit your business goals. Let’s get started!

Hybrid Courses

Experience the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Courses! Enjoy the flexibility of online learning, combined with the immersive experience of in-classroom instruction. Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere, and then practice your skills with our expert teachers and fellow students in the classroom. Get the perfect blend of convenience, interaction, and personalized feedback to accelerate your language journey!. You can attend in the classroom or online via Zoom