French Courses

woman in Paris with a red beret speaking French to her dog

Learn French the French way

Learn French in a friendly atmosphere.
Immerse yourself in French culture.
Have fun with the language.

Hybrid courses

Because we adapt to everyone’s desire as much as possible, we offer hybrid courses. You can attend in the classroom or online via Zoom.

Family members different French level

Our French courses are for all ages and levels

From beginners to advanced level, everybody is welcome to attend our classes.

Total beginners: A0
Beginners: A1 – A2
Intermediate: A2+ B1
Advanced: B2 – C1
Super advanced: C2


Cost for a semester course* (32 hours, 2 hours a week until the end of the semester):

*a group class consists of at least 4 learners.

Total Beginner: R 3700 +R 850 for books and audio (we use them for 4 semesters).

All other levels: R 3850 for the semester.

Private tuition starts at any time:

  • R 395 per hour per person
  • R 220 per person for a group of 2
  • R170 per person for a group of 3 or 4
  • R140 per person for a group of 5

“A different language is a different vision of life.”

Federico FELLINI






Whether you decide to start learning French or you want to improve your French, we are here to help you on your way.