Alliance Française de Stellenbosch

General French Courses

Flexible and adaptable to all ages and levels, this course combines online classes, classroom experience, and cultural immersion to help you become proficient in French. Learn at your own pace, practice with native speakers, and explore the richness of French culture.

Hybrid Courses

Experience the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Courses! Enjoy the flexibility of online learning, combined with the immersive experience of in-classroom instruction. Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere, and then practice your skills with our expert teachers and fellow students in the classroom. Get the perfect blend of convenience, interaction, and personalized feedback to accelerate your language journey!. You can attend in the classroom or online via Zoom

Our French Courses Are For All Ages

Learn French at any age! Our courses cater to children, teens, and adults, ensuring a fun and effective language learning experience for everyone.

  1. Total beginners: A0
  2. Beginners: A1 – A2
  3. Intermediate: A2 – B1
  4. Advanced: B2 – C1
  5. Super advanced: C2


Cost for a semester course* (32 hours, 2 hours a week until the end of the semester): *a group class consists of at least 4 learners:

  • Total Beginner: R 3900 + R950 (for books and audio, we use them for 4 semesters).
  • All other levels: R4050
  • Private Tuition starts at any time:
    –R420 per hour per person
    –R240 per person for a group of 2
    –R190 per person for a group of 3 or 4
    –R160 per person for a group of 5

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General French Courses 2024

32 Hours per semester. Second semester: 29 July – 19 November 2024.